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Diversity and Inclusion

We understand that diversity helps companies thrive both internally and outwardly in the different markets they serve.

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​Nurturing and sustaining diverse leadership is a proven way to make smarter decisions that lead to better outcomes for your organization. Diversity embraces dissimilarities in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, geography and age—more broadly, it includes differences of perspective and thought. 
Diversity promotes broader vision, flexibility, openness to new ideas and continuous learning and helps companies penetrate demographically diverse markets. You can’t get to a culture of innovation, agility and integrity without a wide range of perspectives and experiences within your leadership team. Moreover, diversity is essential for improving business performance and for attracting top global talent to your company.

Decades of Finding Diverse Leaders

We have a long history of helping companies become more diverse.

We are involved in a number of important diversity initiatives, among them the Black Corporate Directors Conference, the European Roundtable of Industrial​ists and the Women’s Foundation. And we have more than 25 years of experience successfully recruiting board, executive and functional leaders from diverse backgrounds.​

Align Diverse Talent with Business Objectives

We recognize that finding the right talent is the ultimate goal.

We help make sure that your organization has a culture of openness, that the leadership positions you seek to fill are well-defined and that the leade​rs themselves have adequate professional competencies with experiential requirements.

Culture Assessment

We help clients create and grow diverse organizations.

We ensure that diverse candidates are included in the recruitment of key positions. We assess an organization’s existing diversity and inclusion efforts against best practices, and we conduct a formal assessment of its culture.


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Diversity and Inclusion