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We understand the key elements that drive success across the industrial sector.

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Industrial companies face many challenges but also opportunities in terms of technological change and the emergence of the Industrial Internet, globalization and urbanization. Now, more than ever, there is a need for outstanding boards and executive teams to define and execute successful leadership strategies.

Through decades of experience in building leadership teams, our consultants recruit, develop and advise board members, CEOs and senior functional leadership through an in-depth behavioral assessment and culture fit analysis for the following industrial enterprises:​​​

Building the Board for Complex Business Environments

We help global industrial companies build effective boards and preserve board culture.

Industrial company board members are operating in an increasingly complex environment. Our board analysis is designed to advise boards on their collective competencies in addition to identifying their evolving needs around specific strategic issues such as cybersecurity and big data.​

Driving Success through Diversity

We help identify leaders that bring diversity of thought.

According to our proprietary analysis, diverse executive teams perform at a higher level and ensure better decision making in industrial companies than non-diverse boards. We view diversity of race, ethnicity and gender, as well as background and experiences, as essential factors for strong board composition in industrial companies.

CEO and C-Suite Succession

We help to plan for and identify the right CEO.

We advise industrial company boards, CEOs and C-suite officers on the assessment and development of their successors and assist in recruiting succession candidates. We tailor our services to address risk mitigation in planned and unplanned scenarios.​​

Capitalizing on Digitization and the Industrial Internet

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who can drive the type of transformation related to digitization and the Industrial Internet.

Industrial companies require digitally literate and deeply innovative boards and executive leadership to match the pace and nature of digital transformation, as well as the emergence of the Industrial Internet.​​​​
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Closely monitoring specific markets, developing and broadening relationships and highlighting potential opportunities to support our Consultants.​

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Alexandra Filippelli
Alp Hamidoğlu​
Andrea Sevin
Ana Musazzi
Anne Thomsen
Astrid Berger
Barbara Gallazzi
Belody Luo
Brooke Acuff
Camilla Hesselberg
Cassie Coggeshall​
Catherine Doktycz
Charlene Davis
Elsie Wu
Eirik Efjestad
Emma Shang
Erin Carbrey
Esmée Grotendorst​
Eun Jee Kang
Fabiola Ortega Perez
Francine Lindsay
Hanne Kirkebøen
Hedvig Öster
Henrik Ødegaard
Henry Gabriel
Hunter Burke
Jens Hansen
Jiaqi Luo
Jonathan Robson
Justina Gilevskaja
Karen Chan
Kathrin Fischer
Katie Blackledge
Katy Schawe
Kelly Sun
Laura Kresse
Leila Chiang
Marcus Gyllström
Matthäus Szellö
Matti Takala
Natalia Scherff
Natasha Qureshi
Natasha Treschow
Nicole Talarowski
Oxana Manko
Patricia Vallejo
Sarah Stephens
Saya Fryer
Shawn Gao
Sibylle Lane
Simon Labonte
Ulrike Wurnig
Wendy Liu



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